Top Class Professional Coaching In West London

General Information for all new archers

I specialise in one-to-one training, and my training methods cover all aspects of archery. I mainly teach at the weekends 10:30am - 3:30pm, and archers usually book one hour training slots which are priced at £50.00 per person, per hour. All equipment is supplied.

I can also offer midweek training sessions, Tuesday - Thursday 11am earliest start to 4:00pm latest finish time, but these sessions need to be booked in 2 hour slots at a cost of £85.00 per person, as I will be travelling down to the grounds specially for that one lesson. In the summer, there will be an option to have lessons in the evening. As we shoot outdoors, daylight dictates latest shooting hours.

For weekend slots, I usually send out emails on Tuesday to my regulars archers, who will then have until Thursday evening to confirm their training slots. Any slots still available by Thursday evening will then be offered out to prospective new archers.

Once you have achieved a reasonable level of skill, you will be able to choose a regular training slot shooting alongside others. Training sessions are £25.00 per person if using their own equipment (£5.00 extra to use my equipment). I no longer offer discounts for bulk booking.

Training continues in all weather, come rain or shine, and archers are expected to dress accordingly. If a lesson is booked, it must be paid for. 

All prospective archers making a booking for their first lesson will need to pay in advance by bank transfer (details supplied upon booking).

A lesson booking is not confirmed until it has been paid for.

Your first lesson will be a taster lesson, and there is no obligation to attend any further training if you do not take to archery.

If you should like archery, and wish to continue training, you can then choose to either pay in advance for your lessons, or pay cash on the day, whichever you prefer.

If you should need to cancel, for whatever reason, please give plenty of notice so that I can make alternative arrangements, and your vacated slot can be offered to someone else. If more than 48 hours notice is given, you will not have to pay for the lesson. Less than 48 hours, and you will have to pay the full price. If a lesson is not paid for, you will not be able to attend training again in future.

During a training session we will stop for a few breaks, so please bring along a drink and a light snack. On cold days, a hot drink is essential. Clothing should be slim fitting, as bulky clothing can interfere with the path of the string during the release. The ground outside the shooting area is very muddy, so boots should be worn. There is plenty of free parking on the site.

All training is tailored to the individual, and a fast learner can achieve proficiency in 3-4 lessons, whilst slow learners can take 10 or more. 

Most disabilities can be catered for, but I will need to know about them beforehand, so that I can plan out lessons properly.